Here at Game Changing Dads we know how tough it is to stay motivated to be a good father and husband. Each week we bring you honest and real discussions on how to lead, love, and live! Let Game Changing Dads show you how to take charge of your leadership role and help you learn to juggle the demands of your career and personal life. Our goal here at GCD is to help you focus on what should be your first priority, FAMILY!

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As men, we need support! It may be a familiar face, a group of friends, or a happy place where we can share our life’s experiences. We want to be the warriors for our family, picking up our sword, taking on the enemy, and conquering every battle! However, we do not always need our sword to take out everything that comes our way! It sounds great and wonderful, but if you are a warrior and you get injured and do not have an army behind you, you are done! There may be small situations in your life where the warrior mentality works, like conquering the garage door opener or fixing the car. But when it comes to real life situations like relationships, finances, and problems that are way bigger than you, it is time to bring in your best team. These are going to be people that you have assembled over time. People that have a mutual interest in who you are as a person and what you have been through. These are also people that love and care about what you are currently going through. Having this team is so important. It is so easy to take everything personally and think it is your fault and blame yourself for things that are going on in your life. However, having this team or support group can help you through the crazy highs and lows you are going to go through. Your support group should always start at home with your spouse, but having support from outside of your home will also be beneficial.


LIFE just gives you time and space, it’s up to you to fill it! The big question is WHAT are you going to fill it with? How easy is it to get stuck in a routine? Are you floating along a lazy river not causing any ripples, not wanting to break the routine or rut you are stuck in? You see others floating that same river, trying not to hit any rocks or bump into another person. Are you going to wake up one day and wonder how you got where you are in life? I love lazy rivers when it’s hot outside, and my family can enjoy the day together. However, I do not want my life to become a lazy river because that is not what being a game changing dad is about. What I like to do when I am at a waterpark and floating along the lazy river is to go the opposite direction. This drives people crazy, but I am all about life disruption! Life is about going against the grain and not worrying about what the other people are doing. Making changes, navigating through rough waters, and making a difference not only in your life but your family’s as well is a true-life disruptor! In a good way of course!